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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Waiting and Winning 

Well, we went in for a beta this morning and hopefully will get results early this afternoon. Evelin also had acupuncture today, so hopefully that'll help. I'm a little distracted at the moment because Evelin just sent an e-mail saying that she was seeing some spotting. That can be a normal thing during early pregnancy (weeks 5 to 8, approximately), but it also might be a sign of trouble. She left a message with the nurse and will be talking with someone when they call with the beta this afternoon. We just going to try to keep the thoughts positive until there's a reason not to.

Each night, I've been trying to "talk" to the little bean(s) (fetus or embryo seem like too technical of terms; baby doesn't feel right for this stage of development), placing my hand on Evelin's belly and thinking good thoughts towards her/him/them each night; trying to tell her/him/them that we're a safe place, to burrow in and grow well, etc. Hopefully she/he/they is/are listening and this spotting is nothing to worry about ... :|

More on the chocolate, apparently it was the Art of Indulgence contest, sponsored by Lindt, Angel Records and Robert Mondavi, and I was the first place winner. Apparently, I wrote a 25- to 75-word answer to the question "How do wine, chocolate and music enhance your life?" The person I spoke to last night said they would post my answer, but I was a bit stunned and forgot to ask where it would be posted. (I'd like to see what I wrote, as well as to see what the person who won the grand prize (a week-long trip to Switzerland) wrote ...)

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