Friday, October 24, 2003

And the results are ....

And the results are ... one side of the sinuses looks clear; the left side, however, is severely infected or something. Right now the doctor wants me to go for a second opinion to see what an ENT thinks about the course of action and in the meantime I'm to keep using the nasal spray, Clarinex and other stuff ... sigh.

The frustrating thing is that an ENT does come into the group's offices once a week or so, but he doesn't take my insurance, so I need to find someone who is in my network, figure out what files/reports/etc. they need, get the referral, and yada yada yada. I know there would some bureaucratic hassles with a single-payer system, but at least the process would be more direct.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about how it was easier to get work done at home than in the office. I can't swear I would have gotten more done in the office, but it seems this past week I haven't had much luck working at home. Maybe it' because the doctors' appointments broke things up too much or lingering gloom over the Red Sox or it's just a slow period at work, the deadlines are a few weeks away and I don't have that large of a pile of stories needing to be edited ...

This afternoon, instead of editing, I cut the grass, maybe for the last time this year. Actually, I went a bit crazy and mowed over several of the beds. Mostly it was a matter of knocking down weeds or old lilies and violets that were long past flowering. But I also ran over the entirety of our mint hill in preparation for the apple trees Evelin wants to plant there. I don't know whether or not we will actually find apple trees to plant there or not (or if it's even a good place for apple trees), but now you can see the ground, which has to be a start. If nothing else, it will make raking easier in the weeks to come.

In a totally different direction, the Hanshin Tigers (阪神) picked have taken the lead in the Japan Series, three games to two. Hopefully, they will keep on winning when play shifts back to the Fukuoka Dome. Game 6 is Sunday: Cowboy Up! (Actually, the Tigers' cheer is "Never Never Never Surrender," which is pretty good too ...)

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