Friday, October 17, 2003

Thoughts on Babe Ruth ...

I was born in Maryland, learned to walk in England, grew up in Louisiana and returned to Maryland as an adult. But while my passport says citizen of the United States of America, in my heart I am a citizen of Red Sox Nation. And this morning, my heart is bleeding.

The Curse of the Bambino lives.

As a boy, I played little league in Louisiana, and I was a huge fan of baseball history. I wrote multiple book reports in grammar school about biographies of Babe Ruth and other heroes of the game. Since, I was in Louisiana -- and not in Massachusetts -- The Curse of the Bambino was not among the books I read. Yesterday afternoon, I stopped by a bookstore at lunch and thought about picking up a copy, but I decided to wait. I figured that an updated edition would have to come out after this season: Of course I was wanting to read Dan Shaughnessy's coda about how the Cowboy Up! Team of 2003 finally reversed the curse. Instead, a new edition is needed, but only to highlight the latest manifestation of the malaise.

This sucks. Yankees suck.

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