Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Lucky Shirt ... Not

Okay, so that shirt wasn't lucky. Or maybe I need to shave my head. Or maybe it was because I missed the first two innings because I was still at the doctor’s office. Or because I was running around trying to get the referral set up properly and the meds picked up and ... Or maybe it's not about me. Bambino’s Curse today gives an excellent look at where we are and what we have to do next with a reference to High Noon:

Though here we are, Red Sox fans, looking like Marshall Will Kane watching the clock tick ominously closer to high noon when Frank Miller will step off the train in Hadleyville. [...] The hero, Will Kane, in the face of almost certain destruction won't back down.
Marshall Kane : I've got to, that's the whole thing.
That's the whole thing. I've got to and you've got to believe the Yankees gang of gunslingers can be overcome at the hands of a marshall who hasn't even got any guns.
Come on, BoSox: Cowboy up!

And the Cubs, come on Cubbies ... what's up with that?

The doctor’s visit is leading to a couple of tests. She thinks it could be a sinus thing (although I'm not convinced); I'm going in for a CAT scan of the sinuses on Friday to see whatever can be seen, and I have a bevy of new meds. If nothing shows up on the CAT scan, then we're going to look at possible allergies.

I know I have some breathing and sinus problems due to having my nose broken four or five times throughout my life (first time was a playground scuffle in first grade; most recent was an attempted carjacking in 1994), but I'm not sure that's the issue now. My nose is actually a bit neat; you can feel the twists and bends in the bridge of the nose if you run your fingers over it. Well, I guess I'll find out more after the tests ...

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