Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Sick Day

I'm going back to the doctor about the bronchitis this afternoon, so today's a work-at-home day. Technically, it's a sick day that counts against my annual leave, but I plan to get a stack of things edited. I think I'm much better than I was three or four weeks ago (no fever, the cough is much less frequent and less severe, etc.), but my head still gets stuffed up every afternoon/evening and I still have some coughing fits (although I think those are acerbated by loudly cheering on the Sox).

It also works out well that I'll be able to be home for the game this afternoon. Last night, I tried not to over do the worrying about where I was sitting or what I was doing during the game. I still carried around that old baseball and I mostly sat in the middle of the couch, but I didn't stress over things too much. Today, however, I'm wearing the same shirt as last night (it's the same shirt I wore during game 1, which the Sox one). Maybe I should give the credit more to Tim Wakefield's pitching than to what I'm wearing or where I'm sitting, but baseball is a game of ritual and superstition and who am I to try to change that? Cowboy up!

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