Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Baseball Superstitions

In general, I don't consider myself superstitious, but if something works, why not try it? For example, I regularly knock on wood when I don't want to jinx something that I've said. Also, it drives me crazy when Evelin and I are driving somewhere -- along the Beltway to the clinic, for example, or down the New Jersey Turnpike coming home from New England -- and she comments on how the traffic isn't that bad. I am certain such comments are guaranteed to snarl things up just a few miles down the road.

On Monday night, when Manny Ramírez got his big hit, I was sitting up straight in the middle of the couch with my legs crossed. I later moved to the left side of the couch and the A's scored. During that tense 9th inning, I realized what I was doing wrong, so I returned to the middle of the couch -- back straight, legs crossed -- and things ended up fine. Fellow members of Red Sox Nation in my office have similar tales: lying on the floor, hands behind head; right side of couch if not wearing Boston ball cap, left side of couch if wearing Boston ball cap; if they get a hit while out of the room, stay out of the room (but don't turn off the game); etc. I'm also not allowed to flip channels during commercials.

Tonight, I may tempt fate by starting off watching the game downstairs if Evelin wants to watch Ed (and I have to make peace with the fact that I'll miss The West Wing and Friends tomorrow night), but I've already warned her that if the Sox fall behind, I get the upstairs TV and the middle of the couch.

Cowboy up!

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