Monday, October 13, 2003

The Last Week of Daylight Savings Time

The sun didn't rise this morning until quarter past seven. In the summer it's easy to pop out of bed a quarter before six: The sun is already pushing back the blinds, birds are making noises, and it's just easier to get going. After the end of Daylight Savings Time, it's still difficult to get up, but for some reason the first part of October, before the timeshift, is worse. Maybe the body is trying to hold out for those first rays of sun or something. All I know is Evelin and I seem to use the snooze button a lot more this time of year than at others (or maybe it just feels like that today).

One of the trees outside my office window is turning colors, as are a few in the neighborhood. But when we were a bit west and at a higher altitude on Saturday, the foliage seemed to be changing everywhere. It's not near the peak, but you could see hints of yellow and orange and red amidst the green everywhere. Pretty soon, it'll be time to do a lot of raking.

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