Friday, October 10, 2003

Game 2

Well, we didn't have to lose it, but it wasn't a bad game to drop. The ALCS may be tied, but in a way it's good that the Sox dropped this game: We were on a four-game winning streak, so losing last night and getting to start a new series of wins on Saturday will be fine. I may have stayed downstairs too long (Evelin ended up watching the BBC version of Coupling after Friends), and Andy Pettitte had time to calm down and to resist my gris-gris (I realized after a few pitches that since he's a lefty, I had to wave the old baseball with my left hand, not my right ... tricky this baseball voodoo is ...). Derek Lowe probably stayed in three pitches too long, but, overall, the Sox played a solid game. Oh and I still really like the looks of Bronson Arroyo: He had two pitches that went a little wild (I'm including the one that hit Alfonso Soriano), but I expect good things from him in years to come. Now, on to Saturday ...

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