Thursday, February 03, 2005

Applely Goodness

I just fed Celeste some applesauce for the first time. Evelin gave her some on yesterday and said she seemed to like it. Actually, she compared the applesauce feeding to a cereal feeding: the cereal feeding a lot doesn't seem to get swallowed; with the applesauce whatever went in stayed in.

Breastmilk remains — and will remain for a while yet, unless she has plans we don't know about — Celeste's prime source of nutrition, but we're still exposing her to solids at least a couple of times a week. It's an unusual experience for her, something a little different to digest, and a skill she's going to have to learn at some point.

[ASIDE: Actually, it's odd how many different things need to be learned, like splashing in the bath. Celeste still isn't really into that (and I'm sure once she starts splashing we're going to wish she'd stop ...]

The applesauce was the second baby-food recipe Evelin's tried. She made some butternut squash and froze it for Celeste a few weeks ago. I tried to find some good apples at the farmer's market, but the ones that were still around were the more assertive apples. (Evelin thought about using some pink ladys, but I thought they'd be too acidic.) So we grabbed some organic golden delicious at the supermarket. They made a nice bland applesauce that's a bit sweet — but not sugary sweet — which is probably why Celeste likes it so much.

Based on Evelin's description of yesterday's experiment, she has a better technique than I do. For me Celeste did swallow a lot, but she kept trying to feed herself, grabbing the spoon and shoving it into her mouth (the hand as well as the spoon). She also seemed to grab the bowl of the spoon a lot more than the handle, which meant she was making it difficult for her to get the applesauce.

The other question is how much of the chewing the spoon is enjoying/working at the feeding and how much is somesort of either ⒜ age-appropriate chewyness or ⒝ pre-teething chewing?

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