Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I'm Back ...

... and a bit tired, but I made it back last night after a long day of flying. Things started off looking bad when the SuperShuttle driver kept driving back and forth between the Hilton (when I stayed) and the Marriott across the street. We visited each hotel at least twice before heading off to a Best Western that was a little ways away (although he made a wrong turn on the way there and we had to doubleback past the Hilton) ... and then we stopped at the Hilton one last time before heading to the airport.

Despite that ... and the really long security lines ... and the people who seemed utterly incapable of figuring out the Easy CheckIn terminals ... I had enough time before my flight to look over the "In the Cal" exhibition of California League minor league baseball teams and history.

I like it when airports give you something other than WHSmith and Starbucks to pass the time during a layover. McCarran International (LAS) has a nice little museum of aviation history associated with Las Vegas and Nevada; unfortunately, it's outside of the security screening area, so if you're worried about making a flight and if the TSA line is as bad as it always is then there's little time to explore.

The "In the Cal" exhibit at John Wayne International (SNA) was especially nice because pitchers and catchers for a lot of teams were reporting yesterday. (The Red Sox pitchers and catchers report today and start working out tomorrow.) I'd finished reading a history of the Homestead Grays (Beyond the Shadow of the Senators) on the flight out there, and I was wearing my "Pigs Do Fly" T-shirt, so I was in the mood for baseball, and the exhibit sated my thirst at least for a few hours.

Still in a baseball vein, I only saw one sign opposing the change of the name of the Angels to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ... and it pointed to a not-yet-live website, To be fair, however, I didn't really get away from the convention center much.

Celeste was asleep when I got home, but need a little pacifying about an hour after I got home. Of course, I did a bad thing and woke her up a little bit, but Evelin got her back to sleep in an hour of so. We did a little playing this morning and she showed off her rolling from stomach to back. It was really cute how she finally got that together. I have yet to hear her blowing raspberries, however ... maybe tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

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