Friday, February 04, 2005

No Respect.

So last night Evelin tells me she was headed back to her office around 5:00 p.m. after a meeting and gets a sudden feeling that something's wrong. The problem? I'd only called once with concerns/questions/worries/anxieties-that-would-put-Woody-Allen-to-shame.

Actually, I'd called three times. First time, I didn't leave a message. The second time, Evelin answered and told me where she'd hid the baby spoons.* The third time, I just left a message (which she didn't see that until after checking her voicemail after the meeting).

*Since we got them, the spoons had been in the utensil drawer with the big-people spoons. But yesterday they were no where to be found. And Celeste knew applesauce was on the way, she was sitting in the highchair, I was warming things up a little, but no spoons! I checked in the cabinet where the bottles are, nope. I checked all the other cabinets and drawers, nope. Turns out they were on the windowsill next to Celeste’s bath toys (we still bathe her in the kitchen sink). Evelin was kind, allowing that she'd just moved them that morning, instead of pointing out that they were hiding out in the open ...

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