Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Maybe She Is Starting to Like Me ...

Over the past month, as I've been doing my afternoons with Celeste, she's liked for me to sit in her room while she falls asleep (or at least she hasn't minded). I'd mentioned that to Evelin, and she said that she has to leave the room when Celeste is going down for a nap because otherwise she's too big of a distraction for Celeste.

Well, today I was the distraction. If I tried to sit and read while she was in her crib, she just kept working to get my attention (or, when she was overtired late in the afternoon, she would cry). She also gave me lots of silly smiles and giggles for no particular reason. I guess the real test will be when both Evelin and I are around: will she continue to ignore me in favor of her mumma or have we made a breakthrough of sorts?

Except for the napping, she was pretty good today. We took a nice walk along the Northwest Branch and she napped for a half hour or so of that, but the rest of the time she was looking around and gave at least one admirering stranger a big smile. We got a few doubletakes as she was in the BabyBjörn, but zipped up into my coat, which made me look like a really fat guy with a baby's head poking out of my chest.

Once we got home, there was some quiet play and an attempt or two to nap, but no luck. Finally she had a crankypants meltdown, and I set her up in her crib and started to walk away. She was asleep before I got to the door. Now the question is does she think she's down for the night, or will she want to play for an hour or two (along with have a bath) when Evelin gets home?

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