Thursday, February 10, 2005

I Need Better Signs ...

Since infants are born with a mind ready to grow and develop facility with language, why does it have to take so long before they can do anything about it? Sure five months or so is too early to expect much facility with even a stripped down sign language much less English, German, Vietnamese, or Kĩkũyũ, but it sure would make things easier if Celeste could give unambiguous answers to "Are you hungry?" "Are you tired?" "Do you want to play?" "Are you sure you're ready to wake up?"

She might not tell me the truth (especially to the tired and wake up questions), but at least we'd have a discussion going.

Evelin put Celeste down for a nap around noon, but as she was headed out the door about 40 minutes later, Celeste cried out. I figured it'd be a quick pacification routine and she'd continue to sleep for another 80 minutes or so. No such luck. She saw me and broke into a huge grin and started the full-body thump/lurch thing. So, obviously, she wanted to get up to play with me.

We had a little bit of fun time — some applesauce and acorn squash, a bit of the try to roll over game — but she was obviously tired. Come 2:30 p.m. it's also time for some food. I always seem to end up trying to feed an overtired baby.

She's waking up again now (I asked her to give me five minutes to finish typing this, but she can't tell time yet — even though she has a digital display on the clock in her room) ...

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