Tuesday, February 08, 2005

If She's This Devious When She's a Teenager ...

... we're in real trouble. Okay, "devious" is not the right word. "Hard to read" maybe?

We had a good start of the day. Celeste was sleeping when I got home and didn't wake until 2:30 p.m. (nearly a three-hour nap!) and after a bottle we went for a nice hour-long walk. Celeste really seemed to dig the school buses, UPS van (for some reason she didn't notice the FedEx van), and other big vehicles. She also really liked walking past a schoolyard with a bunch of elementary kids running around, playing ball, and generally making lots of noise.

We got home and she had a bit of acorn squash. I made the sign for APPLE and she got really excited; when she got squash she looked at me like I'd screwed up, but she ate it all very quickly with very little ending up on the bib. [Kay, I tried giving her a spoon of her own and, as I thought she might, she kept fencing with me, trying to get both into her mouth at once.]

After that, we played on the exercise mat some and it seemed like it was time for a nap. There weren't any yawns, but she was slowing down, fussing a little, and was quick to take a pacifier. So I tried putting her down for a little while. She started making some protestations, but lately — so long as she's just eh-eh-eh-ing and not crying — we've been letting her make some noise and try to soothe herself to sleep.

Well, it went on for about 10 minutes and wasn't seeming like sleep was forthcoming, so I decided to try and record her protestations [MP3 (3.5 MB)]. After about three minutes of recording, I started playing it back to her and she stopped, looked at me, and started laughing. So I quickly tried to catch the laughs, but no luck. I was trying to get her to laugh while being quiet, and she would smile but I needed to make some noise to get a laugh [MP3 (0.6 MB)] ...

Obviously, a nap was not going to happen, so we went back to playing some games and having a little tummy time.

By now, she's definitely tired and getting hungry (a bad combination). At about 5:30 p.m., the meltdown started. To make matters worse, I didn't notice the bottle Evelin'd prepared and left in the fridge, so I was trying to defrost a frozen bottle while comforting Celeste. By the time the bottle was ready, she was in full wail mode and could only take a few drags at a time. Eventually, we had to give up the bottle in favor of trying to start a bath.

Seeing the bath preparations calmed her down enough to finish the bottle, and then she was ready to get her hands in the water. Evelin got home toward the end of the bath and is upstairs trying to soothe her to sleep now.

I'm typing this up and having a bit of Knappogue Castle 1993 Very Special Reserve Single Malt Irish Whiskey. It's not scotch, but it's not bad. A little on the light/thin side, a little bit of corn to the taste; the initial sensation is heat from the alcohol but it mellows quickly in the mouth to some nice barley and light caramel flavors.

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