Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Believe It Or Not, It's Mardi Gras

It seems way too early to be the end of Carnival, but today is, in fact, Mardi Gras. And I have pretty much nothing to show for it. Except for a mess of red beans that I made a few weekends ago and the Mardi Gras music that was in the CD changer that day, this Carnival season has passed with nary any notice.

Tonight, the Krewe of Louisiana rolls in Clarendon, Virginia, which might be fun to see except that with a parade start time of 8:00 p.m., there's no way we'd get there and spend any time without messing up Celeste's sleep something fierce. (Not to mention my and Evelin's sleep, considering that Celeste had a nice long wake-and-wail session — "Somebody play with MEEEEEEEEE!" — from one-something 'til two-something this morning.)

Sigh, maybe next year we'll have it a bit more together to do something. Or maybe the year after that ...

The one bit of pre-Lenten excess that I did indulge in today was finally ordering Evelin a new laptop. She's been using an old reliable Gateway Solo (running Windows 98SE) she bought as surplus from the university for a while now, but with the working from home part of the time she really needs something faster and more up-to-date; plus Dell had select models on sale with free shipping that ends on Ash Wednesday.

Now I just need to figure out about setting us up for DSL. And getting a more modern desktop for myself. And then setting up a wireless network. And. And. And.

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