Saturday, February 12, 2005

From an Outpost of the VRWC ...

The convetion I am working at right now is definately a ... conservative bunch. So I find a little perverse pleasure in blogging from here that Howard Dean is now chair of the DNC! Last year, I wore my Howard Dean for President button to this same show, and while I took some ribbing for it, the vibe here is more conservative for 2005 and I think I might have been asked to remove the pin were I to wear it now. Still, with Dean officially in charge of building the party, I am joining in with Kos' call to show those who are concered about Dean's election that he is not only the right person for the job, but that those of up who supported his primary run and who supported Kerry in the general election are still here, ready to build the party up from the roots. As Dean says on the DNC site:
Our success depends on every single one of us taking responsibility for our Party's future. We have to commit to an active role in the political process. And we have to grow the Democratic Party in every single state so we can protect the values that bring our Party — and the vast majority of Americans — together.
To that end, here is a form for making a donation to the DNC via ActBlue; it's not blegging, it's part of a blogosphere wide call to organize.
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