Thursday, February 10, 2005

It Had to Happen Sooner or Later

First off, I timed the second bottle perfectly. We walked up to the grocery to get some parsnips, leeks, and potatoes for dinner, and afterwards it had been 212 hours since she ate, so I put Celeste down on her playmat and started warming up the bottle. As soon as it was up to temperature, I asked her if she wanted MILK and she gave a quizzical look, but then I showed her the bottle and got a big smile and excited body wiggles.

She didn't take longer than a five-minute nap after the bottle, however. So she got another cooking show as I cleaned and chopped the root vegetables I was planning to roast for dinner. It was about 6:00 p.m. when I finished getting things into the oven, which meant bathtime.

The water was running, the clothes were laid out, the supplies were all at hand, but when I go to pick Celeste up from her bouncy chair I discover — the dreaded poopy blowout.

I've generally refrained from diaper talk on my blog, but this one was massive, soiling one whole side of Celeste from the sock to the middle of her lower back. After some quick one-handed rearranging of her bath setup, I essentially hosed her off, dropped the clothes in a plastic bag, and we continued with the regularly scheduled bathtime.

Evelin (who has had to deal with more of these moments than I have) got a good laugh about it all when she got home.

For those who are wondering, tonight it is a little Copper Fox, a Virginia craft whisky "naturally flavoured and coloured with toasted apple wood and oak wood." It's not aged by any measure (just four months in the barrel) and thus is a bit hot and assertive. It has an interesting taste; there's a hint of vanilla and spice, along with some fruitiness, but the flavor fades quickly. It has some potential, but is a bit too harsh to drink straight at this age; maybe if, as the distillery ages, they start releasing some 8-year or older product, that might be nice.

Actually, I just tried it with a splash of water, and that opened up some other flavors: a few floral notes, a touch of wood, some hints of rye. It still could use some longer time in the barrel, I think, but it's decent. In general, however, I'd rather have a nice Speyside or Campbelltown single malt.

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