Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Google Takes You Unexpected Places

First off, Celeste is fine. (It's always a good sign when I have to start an entry like that, innit?)

She was fighting tummy time but having some trouble rolling over, and when she finally did flip, she came down with a little thump and started bawling. Naturally, I thought she'd twisted her arm and dislocated her shoulder. (Overreact? Moi?) So after calming her and checking her over and starting a bottle for her, I googled infant dislocated shoulder and got a good deal of reassurance that she was just cranky about tummy time and a little bit hungry.

The site where I found the dislocated shoulder info, ParentCenter had a link to win free books, which is always a good way to trick me into clicking on a link. The books up for winning are Where Willy Went, B¡ng: Go Picnic, and Farm Tales (all from Random House).

B¡ng: Go Picnic and Farm Tales seem like pretty normal books, but Where Willy Went, well, I'll let the online synopsis explain:
Meet Willy, a little sperm who lives inside Mr. Browne with 300 million friends. Every day Willy practices for the Great Swimming Race. And when the day arrives, he swims faster than his 300 million friends to win the prize — a marvelous egg . Then something wonderful happens, and eventually Mr. and Mrs. Browne have a baby girl who has the same winning smile as Willy and who grows up to be a great swimmer.
I am laughing, I am crying, I am scared. Willy wears swim goggles; I'm not sure if that constitutes abnormal morphology or if it improves mobility.

Other Stuff

Baby Sign: We're almost certain Celeste knows the signs for MILK and EAT (especially EAT); she can't or won't make them back to us yet, but she will smile and, if she's laying down, will do full-body thumping if she's hungry and gets the EAT sign. We're also trying BATH and SLEEP/NAP, along with BEAR, MONKEY, and BUNNY for some of her toys, but those all get less of a reaction. She will giggle at the snoring soundeffects I include with SLEEP/NAP, but it still doesn't seem to be one of her favorite signs ...)

Sleep: Thinking of SLEEP/NAP, Celeste seems to want to keep throwing us curve balls. Some times during the day she will decide to play quietly in her crib and maybe sleep for a half hour or three, but only once or, at the most twice, during the day. At night, she'll be practically falling over she's so tired, but the moment her back hits the mattress, she's waving arms, kicking legs, and screaming about how awake she is.

We're still trying to figure out what she needs/wants when, but it seems to be more difficult than not right now. Evelin said that one of the books says that nap-sleep and night-sleep are different, which might be why she fights going to bed at night more than she does naps.

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