Sunday, February 27, 2005

Babies and Brunch

No fair! R--- not only sleeps through the night, but he can take a pretty good nap in the midst of a bunch of people talking. But Celeste is steadier holding herself up, so that's something.

Brunch went well, it's been a few months since we last saw N---, S--- and R---, and it was neat to compare how R--- and Celeste were doing vs. each other vs. the mythical babies that populate the various books (you know, the ones that are crawling and talking and scoring 1600 on the (old style) SATs by six months). There seemed to a be a little recognition that there was another baby in the room, but, except for one point when R--- was trying to chat Celeste up, Celeste and R--- pretty much ignored each other.

The galettes turned out quite nice. We made a double batch of the dough last night and left it in a bag in the fridge overnight, which kept the yeast in check a bit. This morning, I sliced and seeded the butternuts, stuffed the cavities with garlic, and roasted them for an hour or so. The garlic and flesh were scooped out into a big bowl and mashed with an onion (chopped and sautéed with some sage). Then I rolled out half the dough and made the two tomato, rosemary, and olive galettes (sliced tomato, chopped olives, and a bunch of sprinkled on rosemary), baking them for about 45 minutes. After a quick run to pick up some avocados and spinach for a salad, I went back to the squash galettes, rolling out the dough, spreading some of the squash mixture on them and baking for about 40 minutes.

Both turned out really nice. N--- is off dairy because R--- has a milk protein allergy at the moment, so one of each of the galettes was made in a with-parmesan and without-parmesan version. The tomato ones were equally good with or without the cheese, but the squash ones, while good without, were improved by having some parmesan mixed into the filling.


mc said...

Hey Carter, that is the same galette I made a couple months ago, from Deborah Madison. The tomato and rosemary version sounds great, too. We had friends over for dinner the night we made it, and they were verrrry impressed. It's a good dish to have in the ol' repertoire. Sounds like you all had fun, too!

T. Carter said...

We'd pretty much forgotten about that galette; we made it a few years ago and loved it, but then we found a butternut squash recipe that we adored (just cube, toss with olive oil and with a mix of minced garlic and whole garlic cloves, a little flour, and some parsley and bake for a long while until everything is nice and sweet and delicious) and forgot about the galette until we needed something for brunch.

The tomato one is good, but I usually put too much tomato in, which makes it a bit soggy, but this time we had a good tomato:dough ratio (maybe a bit too much rosemary, though ...)