Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hotel Life

I admit it; I complain about traveling for work. A lot. I'd rather be at home with Evelin and Celeste, but I guess this is a necessary evil. Of course, while I'm on the road, I guess I could try to have fun (as Evelin suggests) or I could do what I usually do, which is throw myself into my work and grouse about things until on my way back home.

With that caveat in place: One thing that's always a pain with living in a hotel is being away from the familiar — and not just a familiar pillow and bed, but familiar toiletries. This morning, I had a moment of panic when I put about a third of the little hotel sample bottle of conditioner in my hair. Based on the consistency and smell I thought (a moment too late) that it might be hand lotion.

I tend to prefer unscented things when it comes to soap, etc., so I tend to find hotel toiletries fairly strong and stinky (none worse than the shampoo they used to have at Circus Circus in Las Vegas that smelled like cotton candy). Also, all those little bottle are the same shape and size and if you're partially asleep/jetlagged/not paying attention, bad things can happen.

This time it was conditioner, but there was at least one trip where it was hand lotion. That was gross.

(Time adjusted to PST — even if my body and mind haven't ...)


Anita said...

I shall make a request on behalf of all new mothers: Please honor us on this business trip by sleeping all through the night. I crave a business trip, or just a night at a hotel where I can sleep again. You lucky dog.

Have fun!

T. Carter said...

There is a bit of longer sleep than I might otherwise get, but the West Coast thing leaves me a bit on the waking up way too early while the work leaves me staying up too late, ergo still not as much sleep as I might need ...